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Hidden Paris | My Favorite Spots

I've only been living just outside of Paris for a little over two months, but I've already been to some lesser known and unique spots that aren't part of the more touristy areas. These have become some of my favorite places to go for taking photos or just wandering around. If you're looking for places to go in Paris where you won't find crowds of people everywhere or for more than your typical touristy photos, these are some places to check out that I wish I had discovered sooner and in my opinion, some of the best things to do.

1. Rue Crémieux

The Notting Hill of Paris and the most colorful street for some stunning photographs. You can find it hidden in the 12th arrondissement.

Rue Crémieux

2. La Maison Rose

The "Pink House" of Montmartre that you've probably seen on Instagram tucked away through the little streets behind Sacre-Coeur. A popular restaurant and coffee shop in the 18th arrondissement you shouldn't miss out on.

La Maison Rose

3. Palais Royal

A courtyard that opens up within the palace to this art installation and beautiful gardens. You can also find one of my favorite coffee shops, Cafe Kitsuné, there. Located in the 1st arrondissement.

Palais Royal

4. Cafe Odette

Not far from Notre Dame is this adorable pastry and coffee shop known for its light puff pastries. I have to take a picture every time I pass by. You can find it in the 5th arrondissement behind Shakespeare and Co.

Cafe Odette

5. Musee l'Orangerie

In the Jardin des Tuileries you can find this Impressionist museum containing these breathtaking murals by Monet.1st arrondissement.