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Adventures in Roma

Although France will always have my heart, Italy has found its way there with its gorgeous light and warm architecture. Walking around the ancient ruins of Rome with so much history and culture everywhere makes me appreciate all that this city has to offer. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it blew me away in every possible aspect. Between how beautiful the city is and the amazing pasta and pizza for every meal, I already am dying to go back. I probably ate way too much gelato as well, but worth it, 100%.

In a few short days, I toured the Colosseum, saw the Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel. I was trying to take in as much as I could while also capturing everything I saw on my camera. After endless bowls of pasta and many Limoncellos, we were off on a train to Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Coastside in Italy––Positano, Amalfi Coast

It actually took us a train ride to Naples and then a car ride to get all the way to the little town of Positano. A small, cliffside village on the southern coast. Positano cannot be described in words, and it's just as breathtaking as the pictures, if not more. Its colorful little buildings along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are unlike anything else.

With my cousins in Positano

It's a magical little town with gorgeous hand-crafted gifts made by locals and fabrics of every print and color in each shop. There are stray cats all over that are so sweet and used to all the people walking around. They're fed and taken care of by one local but roam around the city by day.

We got lost more than once on all the little staircases and pathways in between the buildings and tight alleys. But we managed to make it back to our Airbnb each night that had just about an entire view of the coast and the town right outside our window. It was like waking up in a postcard every morning.

We met the kindest and sweetest locals I've ever met here. One family, we scheduled a tour of their shop and lemon orchard. They make Limoncello home-made and we got to taste it made fresh from their own lemon trees. You could tell they love what they do and are so happy to be running this shop with their family in this little town.

At the restaurant, Le Tre Sorelle, we got to know the servers because it was one of the few restaurants open in March before the busy summer season. We ate there several times since there were only a few options, and each time the food was just as incredible. They would give us free glasses of Limoncello after our meals and even a poster of the restaurant. Seeing these people and the same faces each day made this town more memorable and special, and a place I look forward to returning to.

Although there were some questionable and scary bus rides during our visit that would drive way too fast along the side of the cliffs and take extremely sharp turns we didn't think they could make, we made our way outside of Positano and on some day trips. We visited the island of Capri by taking a bus to the next largest town, Sorrento, then a ferry ride to Capri. We didn't have a ton of time to explore there, but we were able to get on a tiny boat for a ride with a tour guide. It felt surreal riding around the island with all the incredible views and our sweet Italian tour guide. He kept offering to take pictures of us and even made me drive the boat for a bit.

The last Italian city we visited was Pompeii after another bus to Sorrento and then a train ride there. It was really moving to walk around that city in person and see all the ruins that were left after Mount Vesuvius erupted and wiped out the entire town. All that history and culture was completely gone, along with everyone who lived there. It's sobering but also important to remember what happened and to celebrate the lives that were lived there.

I think Italy does that best, remembering the past while also enjoying and living in the present. Every city has been there for so long but has changed as time has passed and humans evolved. It looks like it used to on the outside, but is bursting with life and changes within. I've never seen more lively cities with people enjoying themselves as much as they do here. I think we could all learn a little something from the way people live in Italy, that is, to eat more and worry less.

x maddie


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