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How to Celebrate Christmas in Paris

The City of Lights

I've always wanted to spend the holiday season in Europe, especially in Paris. Imagining the little streets filled with Christmas decorations and seeing all the lights shining somehow seemed more exciting in a new country. I can say it definitely did exceed my expectations and made me appreciate the city even more. I saw Paris in a new way that was more magical than I'd previously seen it. I think everyone should experience the Christmas season in a new country or city at least once in their life. And Paris doesn't have any shortage of things to do and see during this season.

Cafe Le Recrutement on Rue Saint-Dominique

What To See and Do

These are some photos of my absolute favorite spots that I captured when walking around the city. Places like Place Vendôme, Hôtel de Ville, Rue Saint-Dominique, Avenue Montaigne, and Au Vieux Paris are just some of the many places decorated for the season.

Place Vendome

You can find even more like the iconic giant Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette, the Christmas market at Les Jardin des Tuileries, Merci Store, Notre Dame, and La Bon Marché to name a few.

There are several Christmas markets all over Paris at this time with local and handmade souvenirs and my favorite drink vin chaud (hot wine). And ice skating at Le Grand Palais (the largest ice skating rink in the world) isn't a bad way to spend the holiday season either. You can't really go wrong in Paris at Christmas time.

Merci store

Louis Vuitton

Even after the Christmas season is over, there's still plenty to do to enjoy wintertime in Paris, like shopping at les grand magasins (the shopping malls) or visiting any of the countless and amazing museums. Many of the decorations are still up through January and the after Christmas sales have started as well. In January most stores will have their best sales of the year and you wouldn't want to miss them.

Winter in Paris may be grey and gloomy a lot of the time, but I couldn't imagine not spending it in this city.

Christmas in Paris

Dior store

Hotel de Ville

Au Vieux Paris

Place Vendome

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