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Until next time, Europe. Adventures of my final week

The metro in Paris

I don't think I truly experienced what it was like to travel across Europe until this final week. Throughout my 6 weeks I had some weekend trips, but it's different when you're living in France. This time I had no French family waiting for me to come back, and I had everything I had brought to Europe with me that I had to carry around. It was during this time that I realized several travel mistakes I had made, like overpacking and bringing a duffel bag carry on instead of a suitcase. I could hardly walk around with my large suitcase while carrying a duffel bag plus a backpack. I eventually bought another suitcase, this time with four wheels, that saved me from probably having back problems and sore arms the rest of the trip.

I somehow lugged all my belongings to Paris (with the help of some friends) and we arrived at our Airbnb in the Saint Martin district in the 10th Arrondissement. It was a cute little apartment owned by a family, that was apparent since almost all of us had to sleep in little bunk beds in kids rooms.

However, it didn't really matter since we were in Paris once again and planned to be out doing things most of the time. The first night there we walked around and made a stop at the Eiffel tower to see it sparkling in the dark. There's something about walking through Paris at night that makes it feel even more surreal to me.

The following day we took the metro over to the district of Montmartre to walk up the huge hill to see Sacré-Cœur and the view from the top. Although a long and tiring walk, the view was most definitely worth it.

Then we had planned to see the catacombs, which some of us ended up waiting three hours in line for. I wouldn't recommend going in the middle of the day like we did when it's the most hot and the lines are the longest. You can skip the line if you buy the tickets online, but they will be more expensive. Since we had the time and this was our only chance to go we decided to wait anyways. We finally made it inside and it was nice to be in the cool underground although it was slightly creepy. After that we decided to head over to make a quick stop to see Notre Dame then headed back to hangout at the Eiffel tower again at night. Watching it sparkle each evening never gets old.


Eiffel Tower at night