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Les Parisiens | People Watching in Paris

One of my favorite things to capture walking around Paris has to be the people. You encounter all different types from everywhere in the world, and when you stop to notice the people around you can better understand and recognize how alike we are and appreciate the differences.

The People Watching...

Paris is the perfect city to people watch because there's hardly a time when there isn't at least one person nearby. From tourists to street performers, to the typical Parisian, I'm constantly learning new things about the people who make up Paris. I don't think I could ever get tired of people watching in this city. For a perfect day, I just need to be on a Parisian terrace with a café creme and a busy street in front of me.

Bird feeder outside Notre Dame

Le Vrai Parisienne

The photos I've taken so far of people I've seen in Paris are some of my favorites. It helps me to remember little details like the sound of an accordion in Montmartre or being in awe standing in front of Monet's mural of water lilies. It reminds me that there's more to a city than just the monuments and buildings, it's the people that really make it what it is and what keeps me coming back again and again.

Versailles gardens
Artist's square in Montmartre
Musee l'Orangerie
Place de Vosges
Le Marais

What kind of people have you encountered walking around a new city?

x maddie


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