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Oh, the places you'll go!

View of Paris

Dr. Suess was right about many things, including that.

I've always had the dream to move to France someday. Not thinking that day would sneak up on me so quickly. After spending six weeks last summer studying abroad in the South of France, I was already counting down the days till I would be returning. Fast forward a year later, I'm signing a contract and moving to Paris for six months as an au pair. I never imagined I'd be able to return so soon. But after graduating college, I realized if I wanted to pack up my bags and move to a foreign country, now was the time. Before I settled into a routine and was working a full-time job for possibly the rest of my life, there was so much of the world I wanted to see and explore. I felt that there was still something missing from my life, and experiences that were out there waiting for me. I decided to seize the opportunity and make something happen before all the doubts and worries started to set in.

Le Metro

I was so lucky to find the right family who happened to be exactly what I was hoping for. After a few Skype calls and countless emails, I had a new French host family halfway across the world that I would move in with in just a short amount of time. Explaining this to family and friends probably made me sound crazy, but the thought has always been exciting for me because of having a new beginning and new adventures that I couldn't even dream of.

Eiffel Tower

The excitement has been building more and more each day as this experience is starting to feel real. Each step I get done for the excruciating long visa process or one more thing I cross off my to-do list I can feel it getting closer. Some days it's all I can think about, and others I completely forget I'm leaving the country for half a year. It's happening whether I think about it or not, which can be scary at times. But I try not to let the fear of the unknown stop me from doing what I know I'm supposed to. Although that's easier said than done.

It's hard to imagine now what my life will be like when I get to France, but it's about to completely change. I may not know what everyday will be like quite yet, but I know it will help me to grow in so many ways and that I'll learn so much in a short time.

I can't wait until I get to call Paris my home, even if it's only temporary.


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