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When one door closes, another opens

One of the many unique doors in Aix

I constantly find myself being drawn to the architecture in Aix-en-Provence since I first came here. I love walking around the city to explore and noticing how unique every street and corner is. Each turn I take as I walk there is something new to see and discover about Aix, whether it be the people passing by or the architecture on every street.

There is something special about this city that makes me want to capture each part of it. There are many doors here that grab my eye every time I walk by. They intrigue me because of how different each of them are and there is a kind of mystery to doors. They separate two distinct areas, keeping things apart. They are a barrier to the beyond that is hidden behind the closed door. The closed door can symbolize an end or a new beginning. It can open up to all the possibilities beyond it or prevent us from ever knowing what is on the other side.

When we approach a door, we are faced with a choice. Do we attempt to enter it or face defeat by the barrier? We have to make the choice ourselves if we want to know what lies beyond or lose an opportunity right in front of us. The streets can act as a path to guide us to the doors where we are faced with this decision. They can lead us to where we are going or take us down the wrong path to somewhere we aren’t meant to be. Every street we take and door we open we make a decision that can lead us to new places and possibilities.

I feel that my time in Aix has opened a door of new possibilities for me that I never imaged. Coming here and experiencing everything I have has opened my eyes and lead me to become a better version of myself. I hope I continue opening new doors and heading down new streets in my life leading me to new adventures. It can be scary not knowing what lies ahead or on the other side, but having the courage to continue on is what makes everything worth it. Even though sometimes we may be faced with defeat, each time one door closes, another opens to greater things.


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