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Summer in Southern France


I always knew I wanted to study abroad once I got to college, but I was never sure if it would really happen. This last semester I realized it would be this summer or never, so I knew I had to take this opportunity while I still had the chance. Although it may seem overwhelming, living in a country for over a month and going there on my own, I knew this would be an incredible experience I could never have again. The timing felt right and I didn't want to let the fear of going stop me from something I wanted so badly. Although there was so much to prepare for with little time and having to take classes all at once, everything seemed to fall into place eventually. I saw this experience as a way to not only travel to places I've never been and meet people from all around the world, but as a chance to continue to learn and grow as a person by getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing all that I can.

I had always been set on studying abroad in France, but I decided to look at other countries and expand my options. I quickly realized it would be very hard to decide, as there were so many countries I wanted to visit. Eventually I came back to looking at France and Aix-en-Provence sparked my interest again. After waiting what seemed like forever, I finally got accepted to the summer program at the Institute for American Universities and couldn't have been more excited.

Going to France has always been a dream of mine and studying abroad there is a dream I didn't think would be possible. Although this will not be my first time in France, living in Aix-en-Provence for 6 weeks with a host family will be a very unique experience and a way for me to really be immersed in French culture. I will experience France from a very different point of view, while getting to take classes and meet other students from all across the world.

I will be leaving on June 2nd and arriving in Aix-en-Provence on the 3rd and taking two classes, photography and French civilization in Provence, at the Institute for American Universities.

I decided to create a blog to post once or twice a week to keep my friends and family updated while I will be abroad. I hope this can be a way to stay connected and updated to everyone back home. Can't wait to start sharing many stories and adventures on here!


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